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My Mother's Viewpoint
 Pia's Last Lecture, Sun City, 11-2017     Changes Of Mind Lecture, Sun City, 2016


Memories Of My Father (you can advance quickly with arrow at the right side of the photo)

Memories Of My Mother

Memories Of & From Vern & Char

Grandma's Photo Album   Album #2

Kite Skiing Day 1 2-2-2020      First day snowkiting in PC

Kite Skiing at Strawberry Res 2-5-2020
  First Ride   Strawberry #2   Strawberry #3


  Ski Dancing   Les' 60th ski day

Jim & Pam Paragliding 1992    Alpental 1991

Marco & Roberto Skiing PC 2006    Pants Skiing 2014     Pants Dancing Lesson 2015


Our Wedding (by Alex)   Sun City Dancers 2006    Tip Top Dance Club 2006       Vern's 80th Birthday      Father's Day 2008     My Father 1922-2008


My Friend Al's Cactus Garden       The Granite Project


Monday Night Tennis 2006-2007 (Click on menu bar for full screen)


  The best of 2007


 Funky Girl


 Greek Night

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