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Creating and Keeping Great Memories - Why ?

Creating digital Great Memories is what we do here and I want to share with you how it all started. It’s a short trip into my own memories that may encourage you to walk the same path.

My grandmother, born of french parents in the well-to-do society of still-royal Italy in the late 1800’s was a diligent photographer and collector of family photos when non-commercial photography, only in black-and-white, was still the privilege of the well-off. Over the years she assembled a photo album that spanned two world wars and the peace times around them: toddlers’ first steps, debutantes’ presentation to princes, young couples engagements, weddings, the joy of new babies, soccer playing youths, the pride of young military officers, the late years surrounded by grandchildren. Many times I paged through that book, first sitting on her lap, then sitting next to her, then alone half way around the world mourning her passing, and so many times thereafter. She was gone, but not the memories, and I had been the winner of the greatest prize: the whole family knew how attached I had grown to the family photos and the photo album ended up in my hands, the only thing she left me, the crown's jewel, the only copy.

Some twenty years ago my father retired and, an accomplished photo-hobbyist, he experimented with multimedia productions, on VHS tape, from old photos, 8mm films and audio recordings. It was the next century’s version of grandma’s picture book. Fortunately technology had improved and my brother and I both got those laboriously produced, but easily duplicated video tapes.

Eventually I too tried my hand at this magic making. So for some years I have produced countless multimedia shows for family and friends to capture and share the grand times of our lives. I love watching them re-living their memories captured and replayed to emotional music. They egged me on to help others create and keep their memories because we all have memories to keep.

Even when we may think that – it’s just old stuff nobody cares about anymore – it’s just not so; some grandchild or grand-grandchild of yours somewhere sometime will find their bearings, a life compass, from knowing who they are by knowing who you are. In that sense of a lsting legacy, immortality is within your reach. Find those old photos, put them to work; you'll love the journey and we'll love to help you along.

Marco Messina

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